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Immortal Proxy

Proxy Site To Unblock Websites

Immortal proxy is one of a kind proxy site that enables you to unblock most of the popular websites that are blocked by your school, office, or even by the government. Using our web proxy you now can access the wealth of information evading censorship and without compromising your privacy.

Free VPN Alternative

VPN's on the other hand allows you to unblock more websites than what we offer, but quite often most people avoid using VPN services because of the high cost involved in monthly subscriptions. And as a result, they end up searching for web proxy sites to bypass filters.

But the problem with these web proxies are, most of the time the pages that get proxied will not render properly on the browser, page loading speed is very slow, online games cannot be proxied, and works only for a limited number of websites.

That being said, I myself have experienced the above-mentioned problems with web proxies, so I decided to build this Immortal Proxy to overcome all the aforesaid limitations, and to enable people across the web to get what they need without having to spend many efforts in researching for the ways to unblock websites.

Anonymous Web proxy

When it comes to the Internet, staying anonymous is the key and the only solution to safeguard your privacy while surfing the web.

If you are using our free web proxy service, your identity is completely made hidden from all the trackers set on the destination website by hiding your IP address and exposing our proxy server's IP. So, instead of you directly connecting to the website, we connect to it on behalf and respond to your web browser, protecting your identity and privacy.

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